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    I did an update on my 650 to vs 1.12 from 1.08 now ever since that . when some one calls I can't hear them if I use my bluetooth headset I can talk and hear ..or if I use the regular headset sometimes I cant hear the person fine they just cant hear me! Then after 2 tries ..I can make a call via the regular HEADSET and it works.

    ** Now I got my phone from ebay and I made the mistake of telling the sprint workers that, now they have documented my account with that. I cant get it serviced through sprint... though the phone is new.

    So I call sprint they explain to me that this is a common problem, that I need a new phone because of the update caused my speaker to go bad ..but then I called another tech person ..she said that she can get it to work she calls me an I could answer! then I hung up with her then the phone went right back to doing the same thing again

    If anyone have any suggestions let me know please
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    If you think it might be a volume problem, you could try volumecare...
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    now I couldn't hear anythiing on the phone and tonight out of nowhere evething is back to normal I can hear the beeps of when I use the keys b/f I heard nothing.
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    You did go back into the Bluetooth details to check that the Treo & the headset are paired didn't you? Whenever you do a firware update or a Hard reset (which is part of the firmware update process) it flushes out the "BT Device Cache" & "Bluetooth Trusted Devices" - those files are never backed up with Hotsych. I guess they figure they can be re -setup again.....
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    I am about to start calling Sprint and P1 tech support for the exact same problem. I have heard in other treads this is the new 650 gotcha with Phone A models. I am so frustrated grabbing my BT from my pocket every time a call comes in since I cannot hear them if I just hit answer on the phone. With the Hurricane issues (live in Houston) it was a pain to keep both devices powered--actually very dangerous for my family if I had lost the BT device. Besides this problem I am extremely pleased but now I fear the phone switch and losing all my settings that don't move over with a sync etc.
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    Your headset jack has failed. If you can get the phone replaced under warranty, do so. Otherwise.....SOL.

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    YOUR RIGHT ABOUT SOL----Just off the phone with Carl at P1 tech support. They did not charge me but ran through every thing with me including the painful reset. Stil did not work. He told me to call Sprint and start the process of a replacement. Palm support was great since he stayed with me until I had everything restored. Just stinks they have another known glitch which is a real headache. THe 600 let you use the speaker--this is not an option with this problem--Headset only. Crap!

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