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    Hello, Chatterers (and potential Chatterers)

    I have uploaded ChatterEmail 1.1p (stable) to the website. The 'p' in the version number stands for 'provisional'; it is a pre-release of 1.1 that will, with any luck, become the true stable 1.1 this coming Monday, September 26.

    Those of you who aren't entirely risk averse might like to give it a try. I have heard from 120+ beta testers, and the vast majority (95%) report 1.1 to be extremely stable; most of the other issues appear to be conflicts with other software. There are no known "random" reset issues.

    Naturally, any new version may have its issues in the early days, but I am committed (as always) to resolving anything that comes up with as much energy as I can muster.

    Get this latest version of Chatter at in the Downloads section; the manual and Quick Start guide are entirely revised as well.

    Major new features in 1.1 are: SD card storage, full HTML rendering (Treo 650), and simplified account creation with wizards for common account types (Yahoo, AIM, AOL,, fastmail, fusemail, Gmail, etc...)


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    So far so good.(1.1p) I upgraded via hotsync. As usual, your dedication to my issue the other night does not go unappreciated.

    (BTW-The over the web upgrade didnt work for me, blazer opened up with a bunch of nonreadable characters.)
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    awesome job!
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    Things have been good for me from the past few betas on. The new OTA upgrade process is slick!!
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    Chatter 1.1 is 3x better than it was a few months ago. It is amazing the development speed of Marc. I have seriously never seen any software been developed so aggressively as Chatter. I highly recommend it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkY
    Things have been good for me from the past few betas on. The new OTA upgrade process is slick!!

    The OTA is very slick!

    ~~~ gottago ~~~
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    im testing out beta 1.1 and im having a problem w/ my mailbox going offline. It goes from connecting to offline?

    Tony Ricciardi
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    Hi Marc,

    Just loaded and tested 1.1p2. Looks like you have solved the challenge of the blank space at the bottom of the message view window when viewing HTML messages and it cutting off part of the line. Congratulations and very well done!! :-) I have highly recommended your program to a number of my friends.

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    Silly question - How can I tell which version I have now?
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    "About ChatterEmail" in the Pref menu.


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