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    Hello, Chatterers (and potential Chatterers)

    I have uploaded ChatterEmail 1.1p (stable) to the website. The 'p' in the version number stands for 'provisional'; it is a pre-release of 1.1 that will, with any luck, become the true stable 1.1 this coming Monday, September 26.

    Those of you who aren't entirely risk averse might like to give it a try. I have heard from 120+ beta testers, and the vast majority (95%) report 1.1 to be extremely stable; most of the other issues appear to be conflicts with other software. There are no known "random" reset issues.

    Naturally, any new version may have its issues in the early days, but I am committed (as always) to resolving anything that comes up with as much energy as I can muster.

    Get this latest version of Chatter at in the Downloads section; the manual and Quick Start guide are entirely revised as well.

    Major new features in 1.1 are: SD card storage, full HTML rendering (Treo 650), and simplified account creation with wizards for common account types (Yahoo, AIM, AOL,, fastmail, fusemail, Gmail, etc...)


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    I sent a message via your site but never got a response (perhaps that was my answer!)

    I was wondering if it would be possible to extend the upgrade pricing for the snapper enterprise users. I downloade the demo once I saw that offer, but I deicded to buy three days too late!

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    I didn't see that message; sorry! Send me an email at

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    Is the battery consumption issue resolved in 1.1? I held off purchasing until this was worked out. My older demo consumed battery faster than other apps. like Mapopopolis GPS (via bluetooth), pTunes (audio), or TCPMP (video)!



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    I'm not sure what you mean by "issues". Using Chatter WILL increase battery usage (as will any use of data, whether in Blazer or other email applications). There are MANY alternatives within Chatter to deal with this; all involve tradeoffs of some kind. (I assume you have a CDMA phone).

    I suggest reading this:

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    no I am on GSM (T-Mobile) unlocked/unbranded (as it says at the bottom of my post).


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    Battery consumption isn't typically a major issue on GSM phones.


    p.s. I guess I stopped reading too soon...
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    I've tried chatter a couple of times in the past several months with my POP server without satisfactory results, but loved the idea of a true background email app. I started redirecting to an IMAP server and have given 1.1p a shot. Aside from the instant delivery, stability is great so far. Looks like I'm going to be registering soon...
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    I am going to give version 1.1p a shot, and am downloading right now. Anyone know why this version is a huge 1.4 MB file? Could've sworn previous versions were much smaller.
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    The manual and quick start guide are large.

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    Satisfied new registered owner here.

    Readers might find the user manual more, um, accessible if it had, say, a Table of Contents. I know making an Index is a royal pain (trust me, I've written and indexed thousands of published pages), but a TOC would go a long way, and you're probably 90% of the way there already.

    (Looking for help on this subject? Drop me a line. You have my registration under Warren Ernst.)

    Progress? Well, at least I can get color traffic maps now...
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    I'd love to do it if I knew how (I just don't have the time to learn, I suspect!)

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    Hi Marc,

    Thanks for your reply to my previous question. Now I have another question, if you would.

    I installed version 1.1p and gave it a quick whirl. When I did a test to email a large 1mb picture attachment, I tried to cancel halfway into it. Chatter asked the question whether I want to really cancel or not, and I clicked yes.

    Chatter did stop emailing the 1mb picture file, but somehow the 1mb file got stuck somewhere within Chatter, and bloated up the Chatter file to a huge 2MB file when I went to delete it.

    Actually, this exact same problem happened with another previous version of Chatter that I tested a month ago. The only fix was to again completely delete Chatter and reinstall again.

    I also went to FileZ to try to look for the 1mb picture file within Chatter, but couldn't find it. I know this sounds weird, but do you have any ideas?

    Thanks, Casey.
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    That could be a bug, I suppose, but the file would be there. It would be called xxx~CExxx; you can delete all attachments in RAM with "clearattc" at the Console. I'll look into the cancel issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chatter
    That could be a bug, I suppose, but the file would be there. It would be called xxx~CExxx; you can delete all attachments in RAM with "clearattc" at the Console. I'll look into the cancel issue.

    Thanks Marc,

    I did not know this command, and will give it a try next time. I tend to send picture attachments quite frequently, so this is really an issue for me.

    SnapperMail, for what it's worth, sends picture file attachments perfectly without problems. However, SnapperMail also periodically deletes all my emails without warning whenever it feels frustrating. As a matter of fact, all my emails just got deleted again today! Must be the 4th time this has happened.

    If you could fix this glitch regarding picture attachments, Marc, that would be great.
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    If you're storing mail on SD card in Chatter, two things to note:

    1) There has NEVER been a reported case of lost messages on SD card in the 1 1/2 months the feature has been around.

    2) Chatter can reconstruct the entire mailbox even if RAM is corrupted or wiped out, all from the card.


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