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    I just got a 512 MB SD card for my Treo. I'm looking forward to using TCMP to watch The Simpsons and others.

    Everythign says I should re-do movie files in PocketDivx. Except I'm on a Mac.

    Anyone know what I can use instead of PocketDivx?
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    DVD---> Handbrake (> to .avi file that plays perfectly on TCPMP. I don't have the info in front of my but i think the settings on Handbrake are Xvid, 150 kbs, 320 resolution, 32 kbs mono sound. Of course i only do this on DVD's i own ;>
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    Here are a couple threads you can checkout pertaining to ripping DVD movies for the Treo:

    The "handbreak" method is what I prefer. Hope this helps!

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