I want to use Chatter as my email client and I realize that it cant sync my calendar as well. I did see that many people are using Activesync to get their calendars synced to their phone every so often... but from what Ive gathered looking around about Activesync, it seems to be directly tied to Versamail.

Is this true? Or is there some way I can get my email (from the exchange server) from chatter AND have my treo calendar sync up with our exchange server as well?


btw, I realize I started a similiar thread about if there was a way to have exchange calendar appts sync'ed to my phone over the air (not via bluetooth or physically connecting my phone to my pc). I got some really great responses but figured Id start a new thread in regards to the specific solution Im looking for- apologies if the admins feel as though this is still the same topic and feel free to merge it if you really think it should be.