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    Ive read on a few places around here and saw it mentioned on seidios site as well that if you want the audio to work with most speaker systems you need to buy an audio coupler for it.

    Has anyone tried using one which isnt from seidio? In other words, if I pick up one from radio shack, should that do the trick or do I have to get the one from seidio?

    Thanks in advance!
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    I use the in-line volume control cable from Radio Shack and it works fine with my TravelSound speakers.
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    and do your speakers not work without that cable?
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    The Treo will only route sound out through the multi-connector (which is how the innodock gets the sound) if it senses headphones or speakers connected to the multi-connector. I've tried to connect three types of devices to the audio out portion of the multi-connector: regular headphones worked; computer speakers worked; piping the audio into my home stereo receiver didn't work. The audio coupler works by making the Treo think that headphones or speakers are connected regardless of what is actually connected. Not sure if anything from Radio Shack would accomplish the same thing if it weren't designed for this specific purpose.

    I don't have an audio coupler nor an innodock so I'm no expert on either, but I do know that some connections will work without the audio coupler and some won't.
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    can anyone else offer any input on this? im chomping at the bit to order this, but really would like to know if i should order the coupler from them at the same time or hold off to see if i need it and get one from radio shack or something.
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    Quote Originally Posted by durex
    and do your speakers not work without that cable?
    The speakers do not work without the adapter...headphones will. It has to do with the impedence. You can search and find plenty of topics on this issue.

    I found the Radio Shack solution to be cheap and easy solution, plus it has a volume control.
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    That link to the radio shack in line volume control does not work. Will it have the same effect as this? Is there a cheaper place to get it? I need to buy 3 or 4.

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