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    How can I connect to another Treo via bluetooth to transfer files, etc. I can't see the treo device around me and both are marked as discoverable. If I have a Pocket PC and search then I can see the Treo and connect to it but not vice versa. Please advise.
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    Menu> Send> Send from (Select Phone or Card)> select the file to send> Send> Send With; select bluetooth or versamail> select OK

    The Treo will then search for Bluetooth devices in the area. . . . . . .
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    Thanks. This helps a lot. Is there any way to start constantly connected to continuously send data? I'm assuming no.
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    Have you tried pairing them as "Trusted Device"s?

    system> prefs> Bluetooth> Setup Devices> Trusted Devices> Add Device

    May only eliminate the "discovery" process and not be a true continuous connection . . . .
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    Wow. Thanks for the help. I didn't expect responses this quick. I hope that you don't mind that I ask you another question. I am trying to add ringtones and have added several players to test. Oddly enough, when I try to HotSymc Midis of all sizes, I'm told that I have no player that supports it and it will not download. I've also added files directly to a storage card and can't play them when in my Treo. MP3's play fine but why wouldn't the midis being the existing ringtones are midi's. I thought that it could be size buy some of these are 2KB in size. I've also downloaded from Treo Sites for Ringtones. Any thoughts?
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    I'm an old dinosaur (53 today, in fact), so the ringtones thing has not been a high priority for me. There are some threads. . . . Try doing a search on ringtones and see what comes up.

    Have fun!!
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    Happy birthday and thanks.
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    When i try the method of sending from the menu, I only see apps on my card. I don't see the files on my card I want to send...Any suggestions?

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