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    1) i have snapper mail and set up the whole fast mail imap thing. But since my phone (or at least my screen) goes off every minute, it doesnt seem to retrive any mail unless I tell it to. Will it only get mail when it tries every 5 minutes I am using the phone?

    2) I have noticed the phone does not ring or tell me its ringing when i am using an app. Is there a way to change this?

    3) How do you turn the screen brightness down? I cant find it for the life of me...

    4)its annoying every time i turn it on i have to push green phone button, center button to unlock, home button and program button. Is there a way or program that lets me have a desktop of some sort?

    I think that is all of my concerns so far. Thanks for your help guys.
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    1) What's your Delivery Preference set to? It'll get your mail according to that schedule and shouldn't try to connect while you're on a phone call.

    2) I've never seen that...what app in particular?

    3) Option + P

    4) The app launcher ('home button') is your 'desktop'. There are many choices for replacing the app launcher: Z Launcher, Launcher X, Initiate, etc...and then some that work as an extension or companion: Hi-Launcher, McPhling, etc.
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    If you don't like the startup routine, turn Keyguard off. . .
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