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    I thought I'd throw this out for anyone looking at this model.

    I received my headset from Treocentral today. The order was placed quickly and sent promptly. The box arrived a little crumpled, but it may have been because it was packed in a padded envelope rather than a shipping box. The unit inside was in good condition.

    My first impression was that the charger looks pretty cool. It kinda looks like that oval box that Spock was shot out of the Enterprise with after he gave his life so that William Shatner could make another intolerable album. The headset sets itself firmly into the box and begins charging as soon as you insert it. The intial charge took around an hour-and-a-half.

    Pairing the headset to my Treo 650 was very simple. I turned on the Treo's bluetooth, turned on the headset by pushing the multi-function button for four seconds, then set it into pairing mode by pushing it again for ten seconds. The Treo was set to "Discoverable" and it found the headset immediately. Once set, it seems to keep it set with no issues.

    The headset is comfortable and secures well to the ear. The boom mic extends close to the mouth, and can be swiveled up or down as needed. The headset can be worn on either ear easily. I can see, however, that you would not want to wear this for more than a half-hour at a stretch, as I believe it would get uncomfortable. The style of the unit is slick, but unobtrusive. The light is tiny and doesn't make a scene.

    The phone hands the call to the headset right away, with only a scant delay (almost un-noticeable). The calls are answered easily by pressing the multi-function button for a second or so. The volume is easy to set with the volume button, and I could set the headset volume much louder than the Treo. Incoming voice quality is very good -- when the phone is properly positioned. I noticed almost immediately that you MUST have the phone on the side of your body that the headset is mounted, and no further away than your waist. Otherwise, you will get scratchy static. I'm amazed that this is a problem for so many of the Bluetooth headsets, especially when you consider that they all advertise connectivity up to 30 feet. Thirty inches would be more accurate. Outgoing voice quality is very good -- but once again only if the phone is on the same side of your body as the headset and no further away than your waist. My test caller said that my voice became scratchy as I brought the phone to the opposite side of my body, then garbled as I extended my arm away even further. The call is easily hung up by pressing the multi-function button, or will disconnect quickly when the other party hangs up.

    Am I disappointed? No. Am I ecstatic? No. I would give this unit three big toes out of five -- if only for the signal strength concern (and THAT may be a function of the Treo -- I'm not sure). If the signal strength stayed strong up to several feet away, I'd give this unit five big toes.

    Hope this helps when considering your options. The above review are my opinions only.
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    I've had this Logitech headset for about 2 weeks now, and absolutely LOVE it. It hurts my ear a bit after wearing it for a while, but after dealing with the Motorola headset that almost never worked, it's worth it.

    I totally reccomend it.
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    Word of warning.
    I've had mine since late June. I noticed that the earpiece was getting looser and looser as if the Torx screw need to be tightend (but I couldn't ge it to tighten any more than it was) Then, last week, the spring that makes the earpiec "grab" your ear broke. I haven't had time to call Logitech, but it's useless without that spring. Otherwise, I like it although the volume level is just average even with VolumeCare.
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    Very well written review. I've had mine for about a month and a half and it has been excellent. I agree with the observation that the Treo needs to be in close proximity to the headset to work well, but that's been my experience with several other BT headsets as well. The advertised "10 meters" is a measurement that has nothing to do with our distances as we measure them here on earth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarcD
    Word of warning.
    I've had mine since late June. I noticed that the earpiece was getting looser and looser as if the Torx screw need to be tightend (but I couldn't ge it to tighten any more than it was) Then, last week, the spring that makes the earpiec "grab" your ear broke. I haven't had time to call Logitech, but it's useless without that spring. Otherwise, I like it although the volume level is just average even with VolumeCare.

    Funny you mention that. I haven't posted about it, because i found a solution, but i had the exact same probelm. So i did what any gadget freak would do, i took it apart to see what was up. Well the problem, is that the torx screw is a self tapping thread that screws directly into the plastic of the earpiece, and once it loses it's tightness, you'll never get it back again. I went to a small parts store (acutally a West Marine boat supply store) and bought the smalled alluminum rivet that i could find. I took the torx screw out, took a small drill bit, just the size of the rivet, and with my fingers, used it to drill ou the hole that the screw originall went through. I continued to drill all the way through the earpiece so i had a continuous hole.

    When done, i rethreaded the spirng, placed the hinged pieces on top, slid the rive through all three plastic pieces, and used a rivet gun to tighten and snap the rivet in place. End resut is a perfect match to get the pieces back together. The only problem, is that until the rivet loosens up just a little, it is too tight for hte spirngs to work. So instead, i just set the ear prongs where i want them, and leave them open all the time. It slides on and off without problem, is still comofortable, and while not perfect, no one would ever know by looking at it.
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    I have one and had the exact same problem that Marc has... after trying to fix it I ended up abandoning it... a great unit, but I think they need to do something to make that screw stronger. Has anybody had any luck contacting Logitech?
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    My logitech Mobile Pro review - off of -

    Hey dudes!

    I have been using the Mobile Pro for around 3 days now, and I'll be keeping it for good

    I am also using a Treo 650 with this headset

    I have used most Motorola Headsets, Plantronics, some Jabra's, etc ----- for the most part, up to now, my favorite headset is the CARDO SCALA 500 --- so I'll be reviewing the Mobile Pro against that one, head to head

    The Cardo Scala 500 is a great headset, as its extremely comfortable, very loud, and pretty clear to the people who are listening to me

    With that in mind, here are the PROS and CONS of the Logitech Mobile Pro ---

    PROS -

    1. Hearing Quality --- people on the other end of the phone think that I'm talking from a landline ---- this is probably due to the great boom mic, and I can tell that people can hear me very very clearly, definitely better than the Cardo Scala 500 in this regard

    2. Volume ---- the Logitech MP is pretty loud, but not as loud as the Cardo Scala 500 ---- however, I've used the Logitech MP in my car, and the volume has been fine overall

    3. Battery ---- the battery has lasted throughout the entire day - at this point, its at par with the Cardo Scala 500, if not, a bit better

    4. Size ----- the headset looks very bulky, but its actually pretty small, once you fold it up - however, most other headsets are a bit smaller

    5. Connection and Speed ---- no bluetooth headset has better connection and speed than the Logitech MP --- the headset picks up at the first ring, just like the Cardo Scala ---- however, the Logitech really shines with its stable connection --- I can stand pretty far away from my phone without hearing any static in my speaker --- this is the achilles heal of most headsets, ESPECIALLY the Cardo Scala, that gets static too easily ---- very little static with the Logitech Mobile Pro

    CONS -

    1. Comfort ---- okay - after wearing this for a few days, I've gotten pretty use to the feel of this headset --- at first, I found it uncomfortable, but now its fine ---- I wouldn't wear it for over an hour ---- my biggest complaint is the fact that I'm usually wearing glasses (whether that be regular glasses or sunglasses) --- the Cardo Scala 500 fit excellently with glasses, whereas the Logitech MP isn't as good, in its fit with glasses ---- yes, you can wear it with glasses and its still comfy, but your glasses will be pressed against the headset's plastic, making the 'sit' of your glasses a little uneven ---- keep this in mind if you talk a lot in your car with sunglasses on

    2. BUTTONS --- the multifunction and volume buttons are very small, and kinda annoying to operate, once you're talking ---- the Cardo Scala clearly has the best MultiFunction button out there --- however, after some getting use to, the multifunction button upon the Logitech becomes easy to use

    With that in mind ---- if you want a solid headset and aren't too concerned over the comfort issues, then this is the best headset out there --- especially if you want to be heard clearly

    If volume is your number one priority, and very little else, then get the Cardo

    If you want an all around great product though, then this is the headset for you


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