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    Hi everyone, I am thinking of upgrading to a 650 and I have a couple of questions.

    Does anyone use the Parrot CK3100 in car Bluetooth kit? And what are your thoughts?

    Do you find the Bluetooth is harsh on the battery life?

    Does anyone use navman GPS?

    For those of you who had the 600, do you get any better battery life, I am not complaining about the battery life on my 600 I just want to know.

    Thanks in advance
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    I noticed about the same battery life between the two... But as far as the bluetooth kit in the car, I HEARD they have problems pairing, but not sure for that specific one.
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    I found batter life in the 650 to be better than in the 600, but not hugely so. The best way I've found to maximize battery life is to dim the screen way down - the bright screen seems to kill battery very quickly. Of course heavy radio use (Phone, Internet) are killer as well.

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