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    After almost a year of reasonably solid service, my phone won't receive or send calls. When I attempt to send a call, I get two beeps and it jumps to the home screen. GPRS works great and I get an indication when I receive voice mails. But I can't send or receive. What's the deal?
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    What does it do? Does it just time out when you try to make a call? Do people get sent straight to VM when they call you?
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    Yes, it does go immediately to voice mail. When I hit any favorites button, I get the typical "dialing" screen. But before dialing actually begins (two or three seconds), I get two loud beeps followed by one beep of a different tone and it goes back to the keypad screen. I've hit the reset button on the back several times. I forgot how to do a hard reset (manual is at the office). I'm running backup man on an SD card.
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    I'm not sure about the beeps, but it sounds like it is battery or battery connector related.

    Does your T600 work properly when connected to the cradle? If so this will help diagnose a battery problem.
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    Problem solved! It appears I was caught up in the integration of AT&T Wireless and Cingular networks. I had to do a network search and move from "Cingular" to "Cingular Wireless" and BOOM, works great. I had moved my SIM card to another device and experienced the same issue which prompted me to go the service problem route.

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