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    Here is my issue. Just wondering if anyone suggests something else I can do to get a better deal from them.

    I am currently on my 7th treo 600 since Nov '03. Each different unit I received has had some sort or defect covered by the warranty appear. (big surprise) Every sprint stor manager that I talked to told me they couldn't do anything except order me a refurb.

    I got kinda sick of driving 20 mins to the sprint store, waiting an hour or more for them to tell me its bad then waiting 4 days for a refurb only to have to drive to the store again. So I called sprint and let them know. No help there so I emailed them 4 times or so and still received no help. I then sent a letter to sprint and I had a getleman call me 2 days ago and tell me that they'll let me trade my 600 for a 650 for 150 bucks and all I have to do is sign a new 2 year agreement.

    The gentleman that called spoke with a very thick indian accent so I am not 100 percent sure if this is the deal, but I am pretty sure that this is their final offer. I don't think that it is a good offer considering all of the hassle that I have gone through. I think at the least I should get a new 650 and sign a new 2yr contract for free.

    Does anyone have any experience with this? Also is there anyway to get ahold of a Sprint representative that has the power to help you that speaks english clearly?

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    I'd tell them that even if you got another refurb, that would likeky be a 650, and that you are really tired of refurbs that don't work. Tell them you want a new 600 if they can find one, or a new 650 if they can't. Tell them you spent a lot of money on the phone not too long ago and that you shouldn't have to spend an additional $150 which you can't afford (which is probably the truth!).

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    The way I got mine taken care of was I looked up there corporate office in Kansas and talked to their customer relations person and they gave me the T650. I had to state my case and explained all of the problems I had with the local store and online help and phone help. I explained that I wanted to stay with Sprint but with this kind of customer support I am not sure I want to stay.

    And, they gave me the T650 with no signing of a new contract and I moved to T-Mobile. That was about 5 months ago and to think I was with Sprint for about 9 years.

    Hope this helps
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    I'll have to try this one on Monday...I think I will be stuck in Memphis for a few days due to the hurricane so at least I'll have something to do now. Thanks for the suggestion.

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