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    Forgive if this is a dupe post. Been looking for awhile, can't seem to find a good search term to get the answer. Been away from the forums for a long time so I don't have the general knowledge I used to about these things.

    Feeling like my treo is responding awfully slow. It's *literally* a full second between pushing the phone button and the screen popping up. It's definitly slower than the other 650 I have access to (my ma's).

    Sprint treo with the 1.12 firmware. Nothing of importance installed except powerrun (not even butler or volumecare or what-have-ye, I even got rid of 3rd party launchers). Hardware B.

    Here's the kicker. PalmInternals gives me this for a speedtest: "Time in tics 111, time in secs 1", which seems pretty freaking good!

    Mainly seems to be an issue when turning on from the "off" state. Once i have the screen on, it seems to switch apps fairly fast (though there's a delay of about a half-sec when the screen is white).
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    it's interesting...mine has started to do the same thing. And it didn't happen right away after updating the firmware to 1.12 a while ago.

    Now sometime when I press phone it's a couple seconds of white screen before it comes up. Or when I'm exiting mail. Very odd. any ideas?

    Has sprint come out with new firmware for the 650 yet? My biggest beef is the quiet handset's very difficult to hear folks at times.

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    well, I've been playing around and I've discovered it's the fault of the SD card. it slows down the response time on initial start up and on switching to certain applications to half (or worse) of what it would be without the card.

    What I can't figure is why powering up directly in the phone app is slowed. Why on earth is it interacting with the card at all during this operation? Aggravating.

    I just zeroed out the card (a simpletech 128 meg card) and got no speed improvements (entirely blank card!). Not sure if getting a different card would help, but perhaps it would. For now, I'm using a Palm without any expansion card in it at all for the first time in many many years. It is both liberating and constricting.

    Anyway, anybody else experience similiar slowdowns due to SD cards? Better question: why on earth does just having an SD card in slow down apps and functions that ought not interact with the SD card at all?

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