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    Well it happened
    I got a small scratch on the phone while in my shirt pocket. I have searched the forum and it has been a while since this was discussed. I can live with the scratch, but would like to be rid of it. Apparently the best product out there is Displex. Anyone with more experience? good bad

    Also any new ideas in a favorite screen protector( i do have a couple cases, but i tend to leave them at home ( easyer to carry without case go figure)
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    on the PHONE or on the SCREEN?
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    the screen

    it is hardly noticeable with the screen on and it is deep enough to catch may nail when i run it accross. It is about an inch long
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    well if it's hardly noticable you could just put a screen portector on, which should keep you from catching on it.

    I've heard some of those buffing solutions are a bit risky. I've also heard you can use abraisive toothpaste but I'd search around first.

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