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    all - just joined... hoping this will be a good place to get some answers and provide help. i'd love to have a simple way to browse and copy files from my treo (sd card) back to mac w/out getting a physical card reader // can do w/ bluetooth or just usb? thanks!
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    MissingSync has a bundled solution in its syncing software that allows access to SD card, etc. Personally, I had other issues with MissingSync software and prefer an SD card reader for simplicity, speed, etc.
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    MissingSync is probably the easiest way to do it, as mentioned above. I think you can also send files with Bluetooth using FileZ.
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    i imagine by this time you have already solved this prob, but in case not, your life is just about to get a whole lot easier!

    Softick Card Export II for Palm

    does the simple, straightforward but unbelievably appreciated job of making your SD card appear as an external drive on any Mac running OSX 10.3 or later.

    You just connect your Palm to the Mac via the uSB port, click on the prog, click connect and your away. The same prog also connects you to a PC, so its nocely versatile.

    Ive been using it for months now without a single hassle on macs, but have hada few hiccups with PC connections

    In one of the many "my favourite X Treo progs" threads that i saw recently Card Export was one of the most popular progs, so i guess even the occasional PC hiccups ive expereinced may not be typical.

    Anyway, youre a macc'er, and on them for me its been flawless.


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    I use Card Export also with no probles. There is a free trial.

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