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    Treo 650 with a NavMan BlueTooth GPS.

    I bought the software-only version of TomTom Navigator 5 from TigerGPS. It arrived yesterday. I installed it to SD along with 2 map sets.

    I am previously a Mapopolis user. I was never thrilled with the MANY Mapopolis issues (which have been discussed at length in this forum).

    Everything I've heard about TomTom is true:

    1) The installation is BRUTAL! I had every problem described in this forum (hotsync, duplicate filenames, etc) and would probably not have succeeded without the help posted here.

    2) Once I got it installed I was awed! It is light years ahead of Mapopolis.

    I was up until 1 AM this morning entering favorites and experimenting with navigation. I used it to 'navigate' to work this morning. The 3-d display is SO clear and visually appealing I couldn't believe it. The voice was loud and easily understandable (I'm using Lori). It is just fantastic.

    The many ways you can view your route are fantastic including the turn-by-turn text view of the route.

    I have the South Central and South Eastern states loaded on my SD card. I'll never have to worry about what county I'm going to again!

    Let's travel!
    Treo 755p / Sprint
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    I have used both TOMTOM and mapopolis, and there are advantages and disadvantages too both, from my persepctive. The maps at Mapopolis are certainly more current then TOMTOM, which is an issue for me. It would be nice if the TOMTOM maps were more current (I am in the Fort worth area).

    The 3d is better on TOMTOM, but for route planning, mapopolis display is better. Anyway, theres my two cents worth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pilottreo1
    The 3d is better on TOMTOM, but for route planning, mapopolis display is better. Anyway, theres my two cents worth.
    You're a crazy man!!

    Everything about TomTom routing is better than Mapopolis! Especially the display. What specific parts of the Mapopolis display do you favor?

    You're right about the currency of the maps though. I've heard that from others as well. In my case, I live in Austin where half of the main roads are all being reconstructed (what a mess!) so nobody will have them on their maps for a few years (sigh).

    Treo 755p / Sprint
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    I have a garmin quest GPS also, but I decided to give Tomtom5 a shot today along with an itrek m3.

    Well the program looks great. My major gripe is that tomtom uses teleatlas maps rather than navteq. In the US, navteq maps are more up to date and accurate. For example in my home area... my developtment's streets are all offset in the Tomtom maps by about 100 yards.... I'm sure my home is not the only place w/ the problem but I've only been able to test it today. The Garmin Quest with navteq maps is right on the mark.

    I also don't like that you can't plot from say Cleveland to toronto.... I have to switch maps at the border... the garmin can handle this no problem.

    As far as the interface goes, the Tomtom is great.. I love the 3d display... makes figuring out which lane to get into at highway interchanges a breeze.

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