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    HELP! I've been having a problem for a while. After a hotsync my Treo 650 does a soft reset all by itself. Every time. I called Palm and they said I have to do a hard reset. I checked Palm desktop and it never backed up all my info. I told it to her and she basically said too bad - I'm gonna lose the data. It's all on my Treo, but not on the computer. Anybody experience this? Anybody solve this. I'm not doing a hard reset becuase I'll lose the data not synced. Anyone out there to help a really nice frustrated guy?
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    Look at your Hotsync log. Are the last entries a series of files being restored (installed) instead of being backed up? If so, then your Backup conduit is incorrectly set. Right click on the Hotsync Manager icon in your program tray, choose Custom and change the DEFAULT action of the Backup conduit to "Handheld overwrites desktop".
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