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    In the media application where you view photos there is an envelope icon. When pushed this icon opens the messaging application to send the selected photo as a picture message. Is there a way to change this so that the icon opens a blank Versamail message with the photo attached? I don't use text messaging, but often want to send photos as attachments to emails.

    Thanks. By the way, yes I searched and RTFM.
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    You can add photo attachments in a Versamail message. Simply create a new message, select the red paperclip at the top of the screen, then choose "Photo/Video" as the attachment type. You'll get a list of pictures and video, select the picture and select the "Add" button. Press "Done" and send the message. Piece o' cake....

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    Thanks Rocks, but that wasn't my question. I know I can attach the photo by going into Versamail. My question is if the envelope icon in the media viewer can be set up to automatically add the photo as an email attachment instead of making it a text message (or whatever).
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    This doesn't answer your question (sorry) but AcidImage Pro can do something like this. With AI Pro, you can view, batch-process and attach photos to an E-mail. It's really cool because you can either send the originals or you can send a bunch of photos that have been resized automatically. It can save the resized photos as well. Pretty slick.
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    Yeah thanks aldamon. I am really just wondering if there is some setting I am not seeing which allows you to customize where that envelope points to. I guess not, but it sure would be useful.
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    No, you just have to open the menu instead of clicking that envelope. If you select Send from the Media menu, you can pick VersaMail. Not as easy, but not bad. I too wish they would have allowed VersaMail to be the default.
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    Thanks - that sort of solves the issue. I do wish there were a way to make the envelope default to Versamail (so some other email program).
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    Here is something funny I noticed. When I use the media viewer and select send from the menu which sends it to Versamail - the resulting emailed photo has send problems. It takes forever to send and ends up with only the top portion of the photo making it through.

    However, if I go the long way around and open Versamail and attach it using the paperclip icon - there is no problem. The photo sends quickly and remains intact.

    I tried it several times and this happened. Strange.
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    I have another type of problem. When I attach a photo taken with the camera and send it (at least) to a yahoo address, the recipient sees that there is an attachment, but cannot open it--clicking on the paper clip does nothing, and there is no picture shown below in the email.

    Does anyone else have this issue?


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