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    I have been using Versamail for months to download my emails from my pop account, without any problem.

    Since yesterday, Versamail will only download the first message, then I get an error saying "Message cannot be downloaded" (no reason).

    If I click on "receive" again, versamail will download the message that couldn't be downloaded previoulsy, then I get the error while it's downloading the next message...

    If I have 15 messages waiting on my account, this means I have to click on the receive button 15 times to get all the messages !

    I tried to soft reset, but I get the same behavior.

    Anyone has seen this problem before ?


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    Never experienced the problem before, but a cure for various Versamail hiccups has been to completely delete the troubled "account" from within VersaMail and then re-set it up, even though it looks like all the settings are still correct. Sometimes things get jumbled in the background and need to be deleted and restored.

    Let me know, Perry.
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    It is also possible that one of the emails among the fifteen you downloaded is somehow corrupted in a way that has mucked up Versamail. I have had that happen with other mail apps...
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    Thanks for your replies.

    If I create another account with the exact same parameters, it works. The first account is screwed up...

    The problem is that I don't want to loose all my stored (and organized into different folders) emails on the first account.... how can I easily transfer the folders from the first to the second account ?


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