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  • Nothing, I'm OK with my Treo 600/650

    63 38.18%
  • A full refund - I'll never be a Palm customer again

    10 6.06%
  • I want my 600/650 to replaced and fixed

    27 16.36%
  • I want a 100$ upgrade for the next model

    65 39.39%
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    I would love to get an upgrade voucher to the next treo.
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    I think a $100 discount upgrade would be nice. I love my Treo, but there are times when it drives me crazy. As a phone it needs to handle errors much better. It should not just crash for whatever reason especially if you are answering a phone call. We need a more WinXP like OS in the sense of not crashing the OS if a program fails. We should not accept resets as something normal, it is time for us to demand a stable unit.

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    I'd like the $100 upgrade offer. My Treo 650 (knock on wood) is as stable as can be... Mostly because I ditched Zlauncher... I'm still pissed at not being able to use Palms own WiFi card. It seems rather ridiculous to say that it is SDIO ready, but cripple it becasue they don't want to upset the cellular providers. That's BS. So, if the next Treo has WiFi, and I can still use it with my Mac... I'll upgrade for $100 plus trade-in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fstmstngs
    I'm still pissed at not being able to use Palms own WiFi card. It seems rather ridiculous to say that it is SDIO ready, but cripple it becasue they don't want to upset the cellular providers.
    Yes, specially when that carrier has another phone that has WiFi built-in. I think it's time to stop blaming Sprint for our missing WiFi.
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    I finally ditched my 600 for a 650 about a week ago. So far, knock on wood, everything is working ok. I would not mind a discounted upgrade to the next Palm OS model, technojones are expensive!!!
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    I want the same amount the lawyers are getting.
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    Let's be realisting though. We ain't getting no $100 voucher (that's what I wanted btw :-) ) I would be a financial strain. It would probably be something like "20% off selected accesories". Except the Treo bluetooth headset, that is!
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    Right now about 45% of the responses would be happy with a $100 voucher from Palm. If the lawsuit continues and the ruling is that Palm will be required to provide a $100 voucher for all 650 owners upon upgrade where do you think the $100 will come from. Palm will increase the price of the Treo 670/700 by $100 and we will still pay the original true cost. Me, I hope the lawsuit is tossed, but Palm realizes where they need to improve and focus more attention in those areas.
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    I think it would be better if we tell Palm to fix issues on the Treo 650 itself instead of proposing bucks for next generation. I heard the same since early Treo 180, we had discounts for upgrades, but we had defective Treo 600 and now we have defective Treo 650.
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    I want that $100 total cost upgrade from Palm that can be used in your providers store. I also want a guarantee that if my unit becomes defective I get it replaced by a NEW one and not a refurbished joint.

    Is picture in picture askin too much? How bout Direct TV?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Insertion
    Nothing, I'm OK with my Treo 600/650

    And I hope this thing gets dismissed.
    What the munk said!
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    Although I've had my issues with my 650 and all the versions before it, I hope Palm wins. I think some people like to think the 650 must be as stable as a regular cell phone (not that I don't wish that to be the case). Those people should own a regular cell phone and not a Treo. It's the same as people who bought one of the first computers to function as an overpriced calculator and then got upset when the OS crashed. Give me a break.
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    For the law suit to have any affect both sides will have to hear statements from companies that hold multiple units. Our company has over forty 600ís, we have experienced all the problems listed in the complaint.

    With that being said some of our phones have never had an issue from day one, we can cover just about all the arguments. Some people blame third part apps for some of the problems, we have had phones go wonky with not extra apps and we have had phones full to the brim with all the crap under the sun work with out fault.

    We have had managers and supervisors that have there phones in mint conditions have there phone go wonky and field technicians who scuff, drop and bounce there phones all day with out a drama.

    There is not set thing that causes these phone to go wonky, they simply have poor quality control and the issue need to be addressed.

    Most modern technology has more bugs then a five dollar brothel; its how the bug are dealt with by the manufacture is the issue.

    When our first phone died it was replaced with in a week, the first thing that entered my mind was what great service, but by the time I had sent thirty phones back over a year I was having different thoughts.

    Someone if these forums made the comment ďIf your not happy with the product donít buy itĒ; that would be a fair comment if Palm was advertising a poorly built bug ridden phone, but thatís not the case. If ford produced cars with this many problems then there would be more then law suits going on, the media would be all over it and the government would be involved.

    This phone had a high failure rate and its not good enough, in the vote for this thread I voted I wanted my unit fixed. I couldnít care weather palm wins or loses, I simply want the units fixed.
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    I'd rather sue Cingular for screwing up the firmware. At least reimburse me for the money I've spent on GoTreo apps to fix things that should work better out of the box - VolumeCare, StopDim, etc.

    Oh yeah, I'd also like a large lump of cash for my mental anguish when trying to check my work voice mail with these looooooooooooooong DMTF tones!
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    maybe he did mean royal, as in royal pain in the ......

    I voted for nothing, but given an undeserved $100 upgrade, I'd take that too.
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    I hope the lawyers get $125,000,000 in fees and we get $5 coupons toward the purchase of the next model.

    Actually, I hope the lawyers spend a ton of money, get nothing, then slide under a gas truck and taste their own blood, but that's just me. Wait, do vampires have blood in their bodies, or do they just consume it?
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    Another example of a frivolous lawsuit wasting time and the money. That is the problem in todays society. If you didn't like the treo don't buy it or return it. I can't see going one hour without mine. IMO it is the greatest gadget to come out in my lifetime.
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    I am stuck between two ideas.

    1. if a lawsuit is really in the works this only cause more economic strain to a company and eventually makes us wait longer and pay more for the products we love so much.

    2. on the other hand this is what forces companies to dot their i's and cross their t's to provide us with better products and service!

    3 the problem with lawsuits like this is that the the onlyh person that wins is the lawyer!!

    i work in the medical profession and lawsuits only lead to increased malpractice, bitter doctors, doctors ordering more tests then needed to cover their butts (driving up costs further), and ultimately higher costs to patients.

    surprisingly when a doctor or any company if found to be at fault money is exchanged but NOTHING is done to ensure the mistake is not made again(further doctor training ect)

    VERY Frustrating sytem we live with!!!!
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    I would like Palm to stop sending refurbished Treo as replacements under warranty.

    I would like Palm to work on quality insurance process.

    I would like Palm to make sure that all their accessories are compatible with all Palm models.

    This would lower the number of threads starting like 'I'm now on my 5th Treo 600...' and most customers would be happy.

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    How about another choice 5) To run Palm out of business

    Because that it what will happen if they get sued, and then I can be mad at you all for not having any more new Treos........
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