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    As i looked for a solution to use my Treo 650's GPRS capabilities on my mac, i realize not many had come up with a solution. Specially since Tiger came out, it seems that certain settings didn't work. So i did a little research and mixing around of methods and i came up with a solution to connect to the internet via you Treo 650's Bluetooth DUN capabilities while only paying for T-Zones.

    Here are the steps:

    1. You must make a bond between your mac and your treo 650 via bluetooth. (Make sure that the phone is ready for a Dial Up Network via Bluetooth on your phone).
    2. In the "Bluetooth Mobile Phone Set Up" window in the Bluetooth Setup Assistant, under Username and Password, type nothing, leave it blank.
    3. On the GPRS CID String type: *99***1#
    4. On the "Modem Scripts" use the "Spring PCS Vision" script. I know you don't have Sprint, but it works with it.
    5. Proceed with the steps and then quit out of the Bluetooth Setup Assistant.
    6. Now, go to System Preferences, then to Internet & Network, now select "Network"
    7. On "Show", make sure that Bluetooth is displayed.
    8. On the PPP Tab, you can type in "T-Zones" as the service provider (if you want). Account Name and Password are to be left blank, telephone number is "*99***1#" (yes, we use it again), and alternate number is left blank.
    9. Leave the TCP/IP tab alone.
    10. In the "Proxies" Tab, selectect "Configure Proxies: Manually", then in the FTP Proxy Server type: : 8080, apply this change.
    11. In the "Bluetooth Modem" Tab, make sure that the Sprint PCS Vision script is chosen.
    12. After you have made all necessary changes, apply and go to the PPP tab again.
    13. Press on the "Dial Now" button which will send you to the Bluetooth window.
    14. Make sure the number on it is: *99***1# and click "connect".
    15. You now should be connected, it will display a window that tells you download and upload rates.

    Up to this part, you should be connected to the internet, but you are still left to set up your internet browser to view pages.

    16. To make your browser work, configure its proxy settings and in the proxy server type : 8080. Apply this server to all protocols.

    - I can't give detailed instructions on how to set up your browser because it depends on what browser you use (I use Firefox).

    Anyway, i hope this helped, if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me and i'll help if i can.

    - CMSNeuro


    - Don't use the proxy server: : 8080. Instead use : 8080. I say this because after using my Treo's internet connection with the 216 server address, i realized that i was able to see wap. pages rather than www. While some of you might be ok with this, some pages like will only be seen as a wap page (as if you were looking at it through your treo). So simply replace the to (it doesn't matter that it is not numbers) and you should be fine. The port number remains the same.
    - Also, i get speeds that are 80.5 kbps, so if you get slower speeds it may depend a lot on your location and your signal bars on the phone.
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    This would have been nice to know before I sold my Pismo Laptop... d'oh!

    Good to know though!

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