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    Under the security menu I am set up as...

    Password: Assigned
    Auto Lock Device: After 5 minute(s)

    Yet, sometimes I can go for hours between uses and still gain access using just the Keygaurd, or other times I have to enter my code after only a few seconds. What am I missing?

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    I have a similar issue; however, I use chatteremail that has activity that keeps the device inactive for my setting time period. check for apps like autoupdating email apps, instant messaging apps or others that keep the device awake or my cause the timer to reset.
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    I've noticed that mine does this too, occasionally.

    I have a 'padlock' lock icon on Zlauncher and if I need to be sure that my Treo's locked then I just click this icon (much quicker than going through the Security app).
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    When I switch between applications (email, SMS, memos, etc.) is there some way to shut them down, or do I just go on and open up the new application as I am currently doing? Is this what is keeping my treo busy?


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