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    My HotSynch has worked perfectly in the past, but now, even though it says it completed correctly (or at least without errors) it is not synching any new calendar or contact items from my outlook to my 650. I've checked my HotSynch>>Custom settings and both are set for "Synchronize the files". I'm not sure when it stopped but over the last couple of days I've missed a couple of meetings and that's when I noticed my more recent additions to my calendar weren't being synch'd. When I check the log it says "OK" for both Contacts and Calendar, but it rips through both so fast that I know nothing is happening.

    BTW, I've installed/run dbScan based on recommendations in other threads with no luck.

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    As a follow-up I decided to delete my calendar by following the directions in another thread...

    Using a file manager, like FileZ, delete these files:

    Then, launch the Calendar app so that it can create the new, empty dbs.

    And then reset HotSynch>>Custom>>Calendar to "desktop overwrites handheld" and then resynched. Everything seemed to work fine, but it is still skipping all non-recurring events, as well as some of the recurring ones. It even added a recurring entry that I deleted a week ago. How can it do that?!? It's like it's restoring from a backup instead of synching from Outlook. Do I have a setting wrong so that it's pulling my calendar info from somewhere other than Outlook?

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!
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    I think I may have found my problem. I was checking my settings in Palm Desktop and I believe I'm synching between my 650 and Palm Desktop and not Outlook. This must have started the last update I did to my Treo. How can I restore my phone to synching to Outlook for Calendar and Contacts?
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    You'll have to reinstall the Palm Desktop and have it reset the sync to Outlook during the process. That's the only way I know of.
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