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    It seems that the words used to complete by themselves in Contacts (e.g. when I typed "Gr" then Grand Rapids would pop up). I didn't have a third party app for this as far as I knew.

    Now it is not happening. Is there a parameter that I can set in the Treo 650 software that will start this again?
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    Hi Deer8 !!

    At the moment, this function is only working for my city and state lines on creating a new contact or editing an existing one. Is it limited to those two lines?

    I have done some playing. It appears that only my home city and state will auto fill in this manner. Other cities and states that I know that I have in my contacts will not auto fill.

    Okay, how does the system decide to auto fill Grand Rapids for city and MI for State? I have no business card selected and my home address is a suburb. Could it be selecting the city and state that are listed most in the data base for fill in this manner only?

    Does this make sense?

    Cheers, Perry
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    Thanks Perry.

    I'll mess with some of that too.
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    Checkout Textras:

    It's a 3rd party app that is more powerful than the Treo's autofill feature and has more features...
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    I believe the autofill is stored in the AddressCitiesDB, AddressStatesDB, etc files that the OS creates as you enter new contacts information. If I remember right, deleting these files "erases" all of the stored cities, states, etc, but reappears after adding a new contact. it just remembers recently ENTERED data in a new contact, and doesn't scan your whole address book.
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