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    I seem to have synched the pictures on the Treo to the desktop once but now when I synch I can't get the new photos to go to the desktop (they are in fact deleted from the Treo) and so only have 3 photos on my treo at all times. I would love to be able to have the photos on the desktop come back onto the treo. Details: I'm not using the Palm desktop but the Chapura settings with Outlook. I can't get the palm desktop to work with this. Anyone else have this problem? Each time I synch the Treo indicates to reset--is that normal. thanks, Kate
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    Im not quite sure what you are saying. If you go into the treo pictures folder, you can drag whatever photo that you have on your desktop into the 'transfer' folder and it will then sync it to your treo.

    No its not normal to reset every time you hotsync.
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    Thanks t2gungho...I'll see if I can put the photos in the transfer folder to see if that works (the photos seem to be in another folder). Not sure why any new photos on the Treo are being erased and I have no idea why this machine is always reseting after hot synch.
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    I'm having a similar problem:

    photos in transfer file on PC vanish but aren't put on Treo
    photos in Treo are backed up to PC but vanish from Treo
    Treo needs a reset after each sync

    I've tried deleting the imagelib file before taking new photos and deleting any photos in the PC transfer area but it doesn't make any difference.

    It appears that a new imagelib file is created at each sync (which would kinda explain why there are no photos following the sync) .

    everything else syncs ok, can anyone give me any pointers as to why this is happening?

    i've only had the treo for 2 weeks so any help would be appreciated
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    i've actually managed to solve my own problem which is painfully obvious when you figure it out:

    somehow I managed to get my imagelib in the backup folder (no idea how) plus a pile of other things as well.

    when I moved them all out to another file and left the backup folder empty, the sync now works. The reset was a red herring as I was continually installing the same programs from the backup folder each time I synced.

    Hope that makes some sense. If anyone can suggest how I may have loaded up my backup folder in the first place that would be useful so that I don't do it again. Thanks.

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