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    I like to run Ptunes and TomTom5 when I'm in the car, but since goodlink is taking up so much NVRAM the treo crashes if I run all 3...Since their is no way to shutoff Goodlink I have to do a softreset before bringing up both Ptunes and TT in the Car.

    Ideally I'd like to have an easy way to do a softreset (from an App or shortcut). Any suggestions an a small app that makes this easy?

    ps...I know you can do /R with ZLauncher (which makes it easy), but I'd rather not use Zlauncher since it just adds to my NVRAM issue..since it uses some by itself.

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    Perhaps SoftReset? The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    Even smaller is mReset. No screens. No options. Just run it and it resets...
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    versamail...blazer works too with a big page
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    Mreset is even better:

    Just tap/select the icon and reset...
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    If you're using ZLauncher, then just press menu+R
    (or set an icon for it on one of the toolbars)
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    Also, VolumeCare under 'Global Options.'
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    If you have Yet Another Hack Manager YAHM then you alraeady can do this from a menu choice.

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