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    Hi Marc,

    On the surface, this may seem like a nit-picky thing but a minor alteration could be a significant enhancement on message readability and user-friendliness...

    When reading a message and using the 5-way button to scroll down in the text, the bottom line, just barely out of view, on one screen becomes the top line, just barely out of view, on the next screen. The resulting effect is not being able to read every tenth or eleventh line. Is there a way to make Message View scroll maybe only eight or nine lines at a time to provide continuity and easier reading?


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    This only happens when there's a horizontal scroll bar on the first screen (which is a Palm bug). I have tried to work around this, but there are still some bad cases.

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    I don't have a horizontal scroll bar on the first (or any other) screen. So far I've only encountered the vertical scroll bar in the messages. Just double-checked it and verified. Am I missing something simple?
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    No, I don't think you're missing anything. But the only times I've seen broken lines like this is with messages that start with the horizontal scroll bar (it eats up a line, and the Palm library seems to forget it's there).


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