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    With my Treo 180 I had AT&T Wireless for voice & I was able to connect through my dial-up Earthlink account & use voice minutes to get online. My Cingular Treo 600 has this feature locked out so I would have to buy their expensive plan (not interested).

    Do I understand correctly that I can replace the Cingular firmware on my phone with the "unlocked" Palm One firmware? I assume this would let me enter my Earthlink dial-up account for internet access?

    Are there any drawbacks to doing this? Warranty I assume would get voided if I sent it back like that, I would have to reinstall the Cingular firmware? Dial-up is slower & uses minutes; this is fine for my usage. Would the Cingular SMS still work with the Palm One "unlocked" firmware?

    Please point me in the direction to doing this.
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    Anyone, using an unlocked Treo with a phone provider?
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    T-Mobile allows you to dial the ISP
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    Quote Originally Posted by shopharim
    T-Mobile allows you to dial the ISP
    Mine doesn't seem to give me the option (mine being a t-mobile) and it stinks if you can't b/c i'd rather just use the minutes. All I want to do is check my yahoo mail and using the minutes doesn't bother me since I've got 3000 a month anytime. I had a treo 270 TMo version and it allowed me to do so. I also used dial up on a Motorola MPX200 MS smartphone. Sad thing was though the Moto was newer, the older 270 with a puny dragonball processor was much faster.

    So, how exactly do you use dial up on a tmo 600?
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    Please help. Is it possible to use dial up on a Tmobile treo?
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    I bought a firmware on ebay, it was just a couple dollars. I was just having a tough time googling it & getting information. It is supposed to let me use any SIM card, I'll let you know if it helps with the dial up too.
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    In order to use the "Wireless Dial-up" under the network preferences settings, you'll need to call Cingular and have them add "Data Access CSD" also called "Wireless Internet" to your plan as a $4/month feature. T-Mobile automatically gives this to all of their customers but on Cingular it's a separate feature.
    Search the forums for "CSD" you'll see a lot of discussion on this. Here are two specifica threads to get you started. But I do recommend searching on "CSD" to get even more.
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    Update: I bought my treo 600 unlock firmware for $5 from ebay user dbren23. It did unlock the SIM as stated in the auction. It did not unlock the Wireless Dial-up, he did not claim it would, I just thought I would give it a try.
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    The wireless dialup feature shouldn't be locked. You should be able to create a new network profile and chose "wireless dial-up" as the preferred connection type. As for the default Cingular network profiles, those are locked by Palm so you can't screw them up. Just create a new network profile.
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    I did "Create new". It tries to connect & then cancels out. I'll check with Earthlink to make sure it's not the isps fault or a problem with my account. The unlock-firmware I bought did not remove the Cingular logo & the firmware is still listed "...-CNG", the firmware I bought just unlocked the SIM with a code. I guess I need to get ahold of the firmware that ships with the Treos from Palm without a cell plan attached to it. Then it will truly be unlocked.
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    I just got off the phone with Cingular. They informed me that they stopped offering "Data Access CSD." They also confirmed that the phone is locked out of using wireless dial-up from other providers. So now I'm back to looking for the Unlocked Treo 600 Palm firmware.

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