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    i am in the last days of eval period of chatter and only have 2 lingering issues. ok maybe three..

    1. I use eFax for my fax solution. so when i receive a fax it gets emailed to me as a pdf. I know there is no native viewer (yet! dataviz to release theres in a month or so) but the entire email comes in with garbage text. the pdf appears to be embedded into the body of the message so i cannot save the attachment to the SD card to be worked with later.

    2. I have several VM boxes and i have them all set to email me the voicemail in .WAV format to listen on my computer. When I was using versamail, i could open the .wav and the treo automatically opened a wav player (must be built-in because i did not install it). when i receive the email with the attachment, i get the same garbed test in the body that i noted above and there is no way to save the attachment to SD card. whereas i could with Versamail.

    BTW, I have a C series Fujitsu Lifebook laptop which has a SD card reader builtin so I tend to use the SD card like a floppy between the laptop nad the treo 650.

    3. most html emails view normal but sometimes i get one that has a black body and a html.txt attachment. when i open html.txt it is blank. when i open that same email in out look it is usually a 3-5 sentence email in plain text but the sender's signature has a html tag in it. there is never an attachment to these emails within outlook.

    hopefully there is some easy fix for these as my trial period is up tomorrow, i think and i need to buy but 2 and 3 above could be deal breakers.

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    What version of Chatter are you using now? Can you redirect any or all of these to me.

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    i am on 1.1rc5 but the first 2 have definitely happened with all the versions i tried which i have been going through about 2 a week for the last 3-4 weeks.

    i still have an example of #3 above and can make a #2 to forward but i had been deleting the efax emails when i get them because they are unreadable so i will have to wait for another fax to test that one.

    where do you want me to forward the samples too?
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    Please redirect, rather than forward; I can't do anything with forwarded messages. Redirect is possible with Thunderbird, Entourage, and Evolution.

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    hmm... is there a way to redirect from outlook? wont be able to download and install thunderbird til tonight...
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    Outlook? Isn't that a Microsoft product?

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    So is Entourage
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    Hmm... Forgot about that!

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    I just read the news release of Dataviz that they are coming up with a new version of Documents to Go with NATIVE pdf support. That will be attachments on email (using Chatter, of course) should be readable with DTG (in the very near future).
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    Yes, that will be TERRIFIC!

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    There is supposedly an option you can enable on the efax side of things to send you their Efaxes in TIF file format. The built-in t650 media viewer can read (at least the first page of) these TIF files (if you save them to the /DCIM folder of your SDCard first), while AcidImage Pro and Resco Picture Viewer can read multipage TIFs. These final two programs are commercial products.

    I've been able to view saved native PDF files with the Picsel Document viewer, discussed at great length elsewhere, but nearly all of my PDFs are text-based. Picsel doesn't seem to like scanned PDF files, which is probably what efax is sending you.

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