Okay I'm a newbie and have really enjoyed this forum alot. I've been trying to access Pinnaclesports.com but have had no luck. It's a gambling sportsbook. I've done a search on this forum and seems like no one has tried using this site. So if no one's had the same problem then maybe they can figure out what's wrong and help me out.

When I try to log on it says

"You are attempting to access a web page that has an invalid security certificate (No issuer). Display this page anyways?"

So I click "yes"

Then I get a page that says

"Session has expired or cookies are disabled"

then it says how to active cookies and what they are.

I'm using Blazer and my cookies are enabled. I've read on a gambling forum that some people do get this website to work. So I know it's possible. Just don't know why I'm having problem.

If anyone has a solution I would be glad to hear it. Thank you for your time.