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    I was wondering if anyone knew of a good genesis emulator on the palm...I know about GuineaPig but it doesn't have very good 650 support (5 way doesn't work, all the buttons aren't mapped)...I'm hoping this will change in the next few months since one of the developers has recently gotten 650 but I really want to play my roms now.
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    little john palm. It's free, and already supports the 5 way.

    The developer is also planning support for the full treo 650 keyboard.

    It also emulates Gameboy, gameboy color, game gear, genesis, nintendo, super nintendo, sega master system, wonderswan, atari, and neogeo pocket (I think thats it).

    I use it and it is awesome.
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    ljp is great. everything is extremely hard to control except for nintendo and gameboy.
    u cant use the keyboard keys.
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    Thanks guys. I'm going to check it out. I was very disappointed to find that my favorite genesis game (phantasy Star IV) didn't work with GP (even though theres a picture of GP running PSIV on the official website...kinda odd) and then the lack of 5 way support.

    Hopefully this is better.
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    How do you guys get the ROM program off of the gameboy cards. I have an old gameboy and would like to play the games on my treo 650.

    I'm assuming there is the special card reader involved.

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    Hmmm interesting I am going to give this software a try.

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