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    First off I'm sorry if this is a repeat question, but I haven't found an answer in any searches that I've tried. My question is this. When setting up a contact phone number that has to have an extension dialed is there something that I can set up so that it dials the extension after a pause or something similar. having to send extra digits is pretty lame when you are using hand free. ie driving. I use to use the letter t ( each t = a 1 sec. pause ) this dosen't work on the treo. I cant' believe that something this basic could have been overlooked , maybe by me but not by Palm. Thanks in advance

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    I know on other phones I have used the letter "p" to do a short pause. But the letter p was usually achieved by hitting the "*" button a few times rather than the 7 button. You may try just using "p" though.
    I know there is a way to do it - I've read somewhere here on the forums.
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    There is a workable but not ideal solution. Add the contact to your favorites. When creating the favorite, hit "more" and you can add extra digits. a "," is a short pause. a "p" methinks is a longer pause.

    You also have the coice of having the digits diales automatically. If you do not shoose this auto sidigit dialer, then when you call the contact and the recipeitn machine asnsers, you just hit the "extra digits" button on your screen.

    I use this approach for clients with extensions and also for voicemail prompts.

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