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    Is there some sort of software that would allow you to enter coordinates and be shown exactly where that point is on a world map? I could just use fireviewer and a map, but it would be neat to have an exact location appear.

    For non downloading GPS's (HandyGPS) it would be nice to get some sort of information even if you don't have the right map loaded. I haven't used the HandyGPS, so I'm not sure if it includes something like this or not.

    I realize that more likely than not I won't be blindfolded and dropped on some remote island half-way around the world with only a HandyGPS and my Visor. But it would be comforting to know that I could figure out where I was if it did happen.
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    Actually, the built-in CityTime application will do this. Just tap on the silk-screen Menu button, select Edit Cities and create a new entry with your current latitude and longitude. When you select this location to display local time, a blinking crosshair will display the location on the world map. Unfortunately, you don't get a lot of detail at the scale of the CityTime map!

    Regarding other map software, PlaceTrace ( will also let you display a map at a selected latutude and longitude, but the details are mostly streets and roads. I havent checked out the Atlas software yet (, but I have the feeling it may do the same thing.

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