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    I am in dire need of sharing my Treo woes with people who might understand. I had a bad evening last night which was the culmination of another failed repair attempt on my Treo 600.

    But let me start from the beginning... WARNING: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

    1) Had originally had a Treo 90 for a long time (2 yrs), was working fine.

    2) Spilled Coke on it-- keys got sticky. Sprayed degreaser on keyboard, some got into the screen assembly, making the screen look blotchy (!).

    3) Finally decided to get a Treo 600 to integrate my cell phone and PDA and have one less thing to carry around. Got it on ebay. Had buzzing problem. Using Treocentral I discovered the aluminum foil trick, got a set of tiny torx screwdrivers and fixed the problem. Required a T6 torx. Was happy. Should have left well enough alone at this point.

    4) Realized that I had the T5 torx needed to fix my Treo 90 screen and keyboard issues. Took it apart, cleaned keyboard, realized screen was impossible to clean. Reassembled. Display would not work. Took apart again, realized I misconnected display connector, reassembled. Stylus would not work. Opened again and realized that display connector had a tiny crack in it!!

    5) Attempted to use 27W solder gun to repair display connector. Solder gun still too hot, melts connector, makes problem worse. Eventually give up on it with a huge gap in a few wires in display connector.

    6) Get a broken Treo 90 on ebay to see if I can't make it whole again. This one has a bad backlight (common treo 90 problem). Completely ripped apart my original Treo 90 to get to its working backlight. Decided to put this 'project' on hold for now.

    7) Buzzing comes back with a vengeance on the Treo 600. Getting where I have to push on the antenna to talk on it. Very annoying. I open it up again and replace foil. Problem goes away.

    8) Buzzing comes back again-- I add "fix treo buzz" into my Shadowplan (todo list).

    9) Last night: I open up the case-- or should I say try to open up the case. As everyone knows the case is a tough nut to crack. Using something (can't remember, stylus?) to wedge it open, I nick the display connector!

    10) I almost lost it. I almost threw the thing across the room. The problem was not the unit, however, but me messing with it.

    11) I assessed the damage. I nicked three wires in the display connector that connect to the touch screen. So the unit works, just without the touch screen.

    12) I attempt to solder the cut back. Nope. I scratch a few spots on board assembly and attempt to attach my own wires. Give up after realizing that I can't find a solid spot to attach the other end of these wires. Will need to get a new unit or at least a broken one to attempt a repair. Hopefully I can replace the orange assembly at the back of the display/keyboard half of the unit.

    So as you can see, I'm a bit of a hack. I'm a hack of a hack. I do pride myself in being able to make a problem worse.

    Here is a representation of where the display connector tends to break. (This is not a picture of my actual Treo-- those I might post later if people are interested)

    I hope my little story serves as a warning to all of you: DO NOT OPEN YOUR TREO!!

    I've already opened my TWO Pandora's boxes, so now I have to work to close them.

    Morals of this little story:
    - Leave well enough alone. Throw away torx wrench after fixing buzzing issue.
    - You are what the Treo needs protection from.


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    Hey Dan,
    Well done, I mean this public message. I also did the same once and almost got myself screwed.... now, thanks to Palm, all is fine.
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    One Pandora's box is now closed!! This evening I was able to repair my Treo 90!

    Well, actually, I bought one on ebay with a broken backlight and replaced the backlight with the one from my dead unit.

    The ebay seller really didn't know what was wrong with it, just that it was dead. After recharging the battery, you could see that the display was functioning but that it was really dark, you could only barely see the reset initialization screens.

    I then completely disassembled my original unit in order to get to the backlight, and to learn something of the 'anatomy' of the treo 90.

    At this point I took a week or two off on this project, as another Pandora's box was opened (treo 600, see above).

    Tonight, I went about the repair of the treo 90 backlight. The key was to be VERY VERY VERY SLOW in taking apart anything (lots of deep breaths). There is a lot of sticky stuff inside the unit which threatens to help you rip apart the delicate conductors and plastic inside if you force it too much.

    If anyone's interested I can post the backlight replacement procedure.

    When I finally powered up the unit, I can't even describe the feeling when the screen just lit up as if nothing had happened!!!

    Now I'm just waiting for the replacement part (another broken unit) on the treo 600 in order to close that one off and be happy!

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    A job well done and I am very much interested about your experience of replacing backlight. I'd love to try that for myself, so pls post it here.

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