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    I got really tired of waiting for my messages database to load every time I went into Messages on my 650, but I didn't want to lose all the accumulated messages I had there.

    So I've been working on figuring out the format for the Messages database, and in doing so, am starting a little online utility to view &c the messages in your database. It's barely functional now, as it can read the database, categorize the messages somewhat, and display them .. but there's still more work to be done.

    - I haven't figured out the timestamp yet, which means things may not be chronologically ordered .. and lack a timestamp.
    - I need to parse the target better as 18005551212 and 8005551212 are now seen as two different conversations. I don't know how to handle intl SMS addresses or other weird things yet.
    - There's a bunch of status stuff I haven't figured out yet, so I'm displaying just the ones you've seen and sent.
    - There's some wacky records in the database, need to figure out what that's all about.

    But, it can still do something and I'm continuing to work on it. The URL is:

    Yes, you have to upload your Messages_Database.PDB ... Why is this not a standalone application? PHP is a *really* easy language to prototype in. I wrote eveything here in the span of a few hours, and since I didn't have to do a lot of UI and standalone application setup, 90% of that was working on the DB format.

    Did someone else already make a tool for this? Let me know so I can stop working on this!
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    Here's an open source command line tool for converting the Messages_Database to CSV format; from there it's an easy thing to manipulate it in the spreadsheet of your choice.
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