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    I have a new Verizon Treo650. My phone app is soft resetting when:

    1) Every time I try and pull up Options, Phone Preferences (this is the ONLY menu option that causes a reset, all others are fine)

    2) When I try and edit or delete a Favorites button (only happens about half the time)

    I suspect one or more of my many 3rd party apps are causing this...when I did my initial sync, all my programs from my 600 were installed, except the ones that were quarantined by the install program. I was actually getting a soft reset some of the time when I scrolled down to the Favorites page, but this seemed to go away when I disabled Treo Allegro.

    Does anyone have any ideas what application might be causing this - I tried deleting or disabling any that have anything to do with the phone (VolKeys, Treo Area Codes, etc) but it is still happening.

    Also, I am very willing as someone suggested to just do a hard reset and wipe everything clean (and then install one app at a time), but if I do this, how do I get all my other info (Contacts, Calendar, etc) to synchronize without syncing the apps? Can I do this by changing the Conduit settings under the Custom option in Hotsynch manager?

    PS. I did try a #*377 but all it says is that the Phone App got a fatal exception.
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    Do the following:
    1. On your desktop, rename your /Palm/<username>/Backup directory (to say, backupold)
    2. Hard Reset the Treo 650
    3. Hotsync

    That'll load your PIM data but none of your old 3rd party or Treo 600 specific files.
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    Thanks Bill - worked perfectly.

    As it turned out, once I started from a clean Treo and reinstalled all my apps one by one (testing after each), everything was OK - in other words none of my apps were causing the crashes. Which leads me to conclude that there was some residual sw being brought over (that I loaded or just some general Treo600 stuff) that was causing the problem.

    Lesson learned for me is when upgrading, never just let all your apps be automatically restored to the new device - load them manually and check each one. I think I spent 10+ hours trying to fix the problem and it took me only about an hour or two to reload all the apps (I also took the opportunity to make sure I had the latest version of each).

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