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    I have been searching for a way to use one headset for both my Treo and landline at work - finally found what I was looking for. The 6210 from GN Netcom (own Jabra) comes with strong bluetooth unit for your landline, and the headset is made to have multiple pairings. If someone calls my Treo, I hit the button twice on the headset. If they call on my phone, I just pick up the receiver and it routes to the headset immediatley.

    For me, it is a great solution for finally cutting the wires at work - I am in an office environment w/ VOIP and it still sounds good - I have asked mulitple people.

    Just a friendly FYI .
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    Sounds cool. I just do all my talking on my treo though :-)
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    Mark, could you point to a link please? Tx
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    Sure, sorry about that:

    I would say the reception on the Treo is about what i have had with other BT Headsets, not better, not worse. The BT adapter for your landline must be stronger because it works all over my office and the reception is fantastic for me.

    One thing that may bother people is that when your landline rings, you have to pickup the handset and place it on the desk (the speaker/earpiece does not work so no echo issues), some may find that bothersome - however if you have ever used a real headset they usually require you to do that anyway.

    The BT Base that you connect with your landline phone doubles as a base charger and it comes with a travel charger also. One stays in the office obviously and the travel charger is at home to charge the headset on weekends.

    All in all for the price I love it. I got it at PC Nation for 140.00 (that includes shipping, tax, etc...).
    I wish I had a dime for every dime I have

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