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    I've been searching the forums for a solution, and found others having this same issue, but no solutions.

    Basically if I do a soft reset, or the phone crashes and resets, I have to re-enter the TomTom activation code. This isn't something I want to have to do while driving lost.

    So, if anyone has any ideas of how to solve this issue or get around this issue, or activate via GPRS, please let me know. Otherwise I'll just have to write down the code and keep it in the car.

    But this does raise some serious issues, I mean what if someone is hiking in the woods and gets lost, but their phone crashed, and now they can't use their GPS and THEY DIE. Of course I live in the city; I don't have to worry about that. Unless I get lost in the wrong neighborhood and turn down a dark alley and end up having to join a street gang and get involved with drugs and OD. All because TomTom can't remember the activation code after a reset.

    PLEASE! Someone help me before I die chasing the dragon!
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    Get Splash ID for your treo and store all your registration information under this password protected program. If you soft reset and lose registration info, you can then fnd it under Splash ID.

    In my experience, TomTom remains registered following a soft reset. Some have mentioned problems maintining TomTom registration when they have backupbuddy installed, etc. A search of the forums should reveal similar experiences and solutions.
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    I just use Docs To Go to store all of my Treo software activation codes. I also have no problems with TT5 asking for registration code after reset. I use Teal Backup.
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    i would do a complete re install from your cd loosing your codes on reset can be a real pain since the treo resets a huge amount of time.I have a tomtom and so does my daughter and we do not have a problem with are codes.

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    I had the same problem, and I already posted the question a couple of weeks back, I loose the activation all the time as my buggy treo resets almost everyday, and the most frustrating thing to happen is while driving. I would love somebody to find a cure for this. I am completely new to the world of GPS's and would like to know whats going on over here.
    Somebody mentioned to reinstall the software, I will give it a try today.
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    After numerous conversations with tomtom tech support and countless hours trying to unsuccessfully fix all their bugs, I finally found a solution. I returned the unit and bought a different gps. I don't know what to do with all my exta time now!
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    Well, reinstalling didn't work. I deleted EVERYTHING, including the files off my card and everything created on the day I installed TomTom. The application runs just as well as it did before but after a reset I still have to re-activate.

    I took someone's advice and put the code into a text file on the phone, however having to remember a 15 digit code... well I'll probably still have to write it on a piece of paper and tape it to the inside back cover of the phone or something. Just like taping the math formulas to the inside cover of the calculator

    Still it seems like this isn't right, there should be a way to fix it.

    BTW, I love TomTom the software is awesome and will live with this, but wish there was a fix.
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    Alright, some new info.

    Like I said, after the re-install the software would lose its activation after a reset, HOWEVER, after upgrading to 5.12 the activation remains.

    But, the update created the problem of the software creating the CurrentMap.dat currentmap.dat backup issue. I delete the files off the Treo and the Backup directory but the program just keep creating a double set. Now I know if I delete all my maps and re-install them this may clear up the problem, but then this may also cause the activiation issue again.

    So how do I go about telling hotsync to skip those two files for backup?
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    I solved my own issues.

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