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    HELP I am on a business trip and my treo 650 has stopped allowing me to hear the other person when I hit the answer button. I can only hear the person if I hook up the BT device or my other headset. So frustrating since 650 has worked flawlessly for me for over a year.

    Worst thing is the same thing happened to me on 600 and I used the speaker phone for about a year until I upgraded. I don't get a choice when I hit answer just COMPLETE SILENCE on the other end. What is weird is I get a ring tone from an incoming call but when I go to talk they can hear me but I cannot hear them without adding the headset. I am been on the latest software update for about two months. I have checked all setting numerous times and they are all set correctly. I synced thinking somthing might have been deleted but this did not help. Sucks racing for the BT device in my pocket before call goes to VM since this is the only way I can hear the other caller.

    The sprint store was jammed so I left. I have not called P1 tech support or Sprint yet since so busy at Trade show. Just so frustrating and I was telling how good the 650 was until this event. Any suggestions appreciated since I would rather not go through the hassle of a replacement phone. Thanks
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    I guess the first thing is a complete backup and a HARD reset.

    Failing that try going back to an earlier ROM.

    Another idea is to download VolumeCare.... might reset some of your settings etc?

    Let us know!
    palmOne Treo 650 GSM 01.31 / 1.13
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    Dude, the same thing happened to me and my friend. One morning, I was on the phone with a friend(everything working fine) then I get another all, answer it and BAM I couldn't hear anything, only speaker phone works. Same thing happenend to my friend. Headpiece just stop working. The solution was I brought it back to verizon, and gave me a new one.

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    Same thing happened to me....I called Customer Care and they said the speaker was broken and traded me a refurbished one for a $15 "processing fee".....ATT never charged that but Cingular is a differnt empire.
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    I went through five (!) Treo 600's, two for the very same reason. Sprint gave me a brand new 650 after the fifth 600 went bad. The 650, two weeks ago, also experienced the dead earpiece issue, leaving me to use the speaker phone. I mad the volume low, turned the phone around, and pressed the rear speaker to my ear (my suggestion to you). What's interesting, though, is that when I took it to the Sprint store (when I walk in, they shout my name like Norm on Cheers), they didn't replace it. You know what they did? They FIXED it! I don't know exactly what they did, but the tech did open the phone and physically fixed it.

    Who knew?
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    Based on a previous 22 year career with the phone company I have to ask if you checked the obvious... is there something such as a buildup of earwax or other substance in the hole over the ear speaker?

    This also occurs occasionally with the drive-thru headsets in my restaurants.
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    This is not the case -earwax--maybe the engineers at Palm should check what their ears look like. I am starting the adventure today with Sprint Tech support, I am sure I will need to do a hard reset etc, Just damn scary since I went through hurricane and only way I could talk or hear was if BT device was charged or another headset was available. Very dangerous to have a phone but can hear the ring but not the person on the other end. Besides this issue my phone has made me very productive.
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    Read this:

    Your scenario is not exactly the same as Mazetat's but Milan Votava's Profiles might help.

    It's worth a shot... try it and report back please.
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    Hmmm - this just happened to me as well. The first thing to check is - do you see the speakerphone option on the screen when you answer the call and hear silence? If no, then what you have is likely the "bad headset jack" issue where theTreo doesn't know that you don't have a headset plugged in. What i did was plug a headset jack back in and then remove it again. It fixed the issue (for now) for me. Now whenever I have been using the earphones, after I take them out I make a quick call to voicemail to make sure the speaker is working.
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    Not sure I want to try the MVP profiles based on recent comments and I am no techie--it is definitly the headset Jack. My game plan is to go and try to reason with the local SPrint PCS manager to do one of two things; Get a tech to open the phone and see if he can fix the head phone jack. If not give me a brand new phone-not a refurbed one. I am willing to pay a small processing fee but am ready to raise hell. I wish I could run my business like P1 and Sprint does. Ship a defective product but give the customer enought to hook them on the product. Bummed since I don't have time for this headjack issue and have missed several calls fumbling for my BT device to answer caller. Dangerous situation in an emergency.
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    Follow up to my headset jack issue. After waiting 15 minutes in line behind several Houston evacuee's, (was ok with that since their problems was nothing compared to mine), I was able to talk to an extremely friendly and competent Sprint Manager Jeff Lann. He listened while I explained my 650 headjack problem. He told me it would be an hour or before a tech could look at phone. I told him exactly what I had learned from this forum and what P1 told me was the issue and encouraged him share this now with there tech. He came back 10 minutes later and said they were stumped to what might be making the phone think the headset was in the phone when dialing or receiving an incoming call. The phone was turned off when he handed it back to me, when I turned it on it started making sounds and the phone worked. He told me all they did was use the standard Palm phone headset to test. I could tell he used an air gun to clean out the bottom of the phone since it was very clean. Also the Palm head jack must have loosened or nudged a setting to start working again. He was very happy as was I. He suggested he was going to order me a refurb replacement as a backup in case I encountered the problem in next couple of days. With my work schedule the way it is, I was jazzed that I did not need to do a re-sync of all my apps etc. Some how they were able to get the ear jack unstuck and working so I can take calls without a headset on.

    Sometime People due care. Thanks Jeff at Sprint PCS store on I-10 in Southwest Houston.

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