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    ...and can i get rid of them. i have the unlocked gsm with t-mobile. neither of those programs work. i get an error message that there are no services provided. what are they? do i need them? can i get rid of them?


    alan siegl
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    You can use Obfuscate to hide the icons, but getting rid of them is much harder (search for custom roms to get more info).

    I'm not sure what card services do, I get the same error message on mine, I think it's because teh the SIM card doesn't have an services that can be controled by the Treo - other SIMs might.

    The SIM book should work, it would allow you to store contact information on your SIM card so if you put your SIM in another phone you would be able to take some of your contacts numbers with you (I believe it just stores name and number). On my Cingular Treo, you can import or export from the SIM card via the contacts menu.

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