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    So I travelled to upstate New York this week and my phone since I got into this area has had no service and my phone has constantly been searching for a network. I dont think much of it, as it seems a bit out in the sticks and figure I really just dont have service...

    That is until I finally give to the palmOne registration screen and take my battery out to get my S/N. I put the battery back in, my phone turns on and Im 3 friggin bars stong!!

    So do I now have to remove my battery every time I dont have service to see if I really dont or if its just 1 more buggy "feature" of my new treo?
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    Yeah, I've noticed that sometimes you have to reset the Treo reacquire signal if you move into a different coverage area...

    Another workaround is to perhaps use the dial *18 function (Sprint) which will supposedly reset to the closest towers...
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    I have this problem all the time getting off the subway in NYC (where there is no cell service). I just cycle off and on the radio. That seems to clear it up.

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