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    I got the sms message saying that the Novarra web browser is to replace the Blazer 2 in a few days. I can figure no way to transfer my 100 Blazer bookmarks and the idiots make no reference as to whether you can or cannot. And, if you can, how to do it.

    Anybody know how to do this? Any ideas? Shortcuts?

    I would hate to cut and paste from Blazer most of these bookmarks one by one.
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    I know I'd prefer to keep the Blazer Bookmark layout.

    I've just been converting over as time goes by... The Novarra browser seems OK... but I miss some of the "simple" features of Blazer... Oh well.
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    I tested this out from the sticky Blazer thread... Clear your Cache and Blazer seems to work again... No need to cut/paste. At least for now.
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    Excellent! After using Nweb for a while, it's not a bad browser, however, the bookmark feature of Blazer is definitely superior. I used treobutton to have blazer launch with lid/open. And then the toggle switch takes me to whatever bookmark page, a press of the toggle switch and I am loading one of a hundred pages -- sports scores, weather radar, google, etc. all with one hand. You have no choice but to fiddle with the stylus using Nweb.

    However, I have noticed that using Nweb, the proxy server keeps the hyperlinks in certain graphics that it converts. For example, I go to the Associated Press breaking news site a lot ( There is a graphic that loads on the side, that includes links for Financial, TV Listings, Archive, etc. This is a dead graphic in Blazer; none of the hyperlinks work. In Nweb, they are all active hyperlinks.

    So, it does that and javascript. But Blazer is a better interface, no question about that.

    It doesn't give you a lot of confidence that they just shoved this on us and didn't even mention "sorry, your bookmarks can't be converted." That's very sloppy. It's the kind of thing you'd expect from Bill.

    Glad Blazer still works.

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