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    I've been searching for the best business case for the Treo 650. I fully expect lots of opinions...but let me rule out a few:

    Vaja - wonderful I'm sure...but way to expensive.
    Metal hard cases - great protection...but I don't care for the look or the door that most of them have. flames from the metal case folks. I can totally see why someone would want one, but they aren't for me.

    OK...with that out of the way, here's a little more background. I'm coming from the BlackBerry world. I'm used to vertical cases...and after having several for the BB, I REALLY like this one:

    Now the closest thing I can find for the Treo is this:

    I've heard at least one complaint that this case is too tight...but I welcome any feedback.

    I'm currently using the OEM Palm horizontal case. Its OK...but seems thicker than it needs to be. I find that it often gets in the way with the car seat belt and my laptop bag. Has anyone tried both this OEM case and the Covertec case:

    I think the Covertec case looks a little better and might be a little smaller...but I can't tell from the pictures.

    Lastly, I think the Sena case combo is also attractive...but I welcome any and all feedback:

    I get the feeling that its just as large as the OEM I'm not sure it buys me anything.

    I'm open to all other ideas...and would love to hear your feedback on the above mentioned cases.

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    Heres a great thread over at the brighhand forums...
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    I strongly recommend the Nutshell -- beautiful leather, weel-built, fits close to the body, 3 year guarantee and amazing customer service. I would stay away from anything that's not leather due to cracking/tearing.
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    I am on my second case from grindergear, which went out of business. The cases are great, but it's the clip-on buckle that cracked. Hopefully, my current one will last.
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    Have tried almost all cases.Settled for covertec side pouch.
    A naked Treo is the best IMHO, the side pouch gives you that advantage.
    I hate Silicon covers, same hold true for breasts !!
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    Hi, bullydaddy: I'm a new Treo 650 owner, and scoured these forums high and low for advice on the merits of different cases for this unit. In the end, I purchased a Covertec leather flip case with magnetic clasp.

    The style and finish of this case is excellent, and the magnetic clasp works very well. When new, the inside portion of the case that holds the Treo sits a little close to the Home/Menu buttons, but it is fitting better as more time passes. The case also has cut-outs for the unit so that you can HotSync, etc., but covers the camera lens when closed (which I personally prefer). Inside the case, there is room for an SD card, too.

    However, the best feature of this case is the belt clip mechanism. I've had plenty of phones on my belt that have taken a dive to the pavement at the worst of times, and living in fear of this happening, does not a warm and fuzzy feeling give. Not so the Covertec. This is without doubt the most secure clip around, and befits a case worthy of holding several hundred dollars of hardware.

    The only drawback (if you can call it one) is that this case is of French origin. If you can live with that, go for it! I'm English, and managed to swallow my pride.....and I'm very glad that I did! Best accessory around, IMHO.
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    I purchased two cases for my Treo just a little while ago. The Sena flip w/o belt clip and the Vaja T65 with belt clip. Bought the Sena so that I could carry the phone in non-business situations (phone in my pocket). The Vaja is for business situations and where keeping it handy was important. I received the Sena case first and just about cancelled my Vaja case because I was truly impressed with the quality on the Sena. Until I received my Vaja. Made the Sena look pretty inferior. If I had never seen the Vaja, I would have been plenty happy with just the Sena and it is perfect for my intended purpose. And the Vaja cases are just way too nice to be a fair comparison to anything else. I would highly recommend the Sena as an only case. As an aside, I don't think the Sena is as thin as it could have been. The front flap has some padding in it, but it's still pretty darn thin
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    Thanks everyone who replied. I've decided to do what just about everyone else appears to have done...start buying and trying. I orded the extremepda case (....kinda like my old BlackBerry case) and won a Covertec side pouch on eBay.

    I REALLY wish there where more places locally to buy and try. Other than the few cases that the carriers sell, no other retail locations seem to have anything other than the Palm OEM cases. CircuitCity carries Covertec Treo cases, but only online...and they seem to be sold out a lot. CompUSA carries Covertec iPod cases in the stores, but not Covertec Treo cases.
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    I'm content with the Peil Frama
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    If you like the Vaja you could try the TreoKitz version of the Vaja.
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    I use the krussel Classic multiadapt with screen cover. Personally don't use the holster though, just keep it in my pocket! Not the best for everyone, but it works for me...
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    This is what I use. Safe, secure, protective and cheap. I think I paid $12.00 at Compusa for a small.

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