This was a great thread I'd like to revive. Has there been any progress on this? To sum it up, we are only talking about POP accounts, Outlook and Versamail. The issue is the inability to sync the Treo with Outlook on your desktop. For instance, when I send an email from my Treo I want it to show up in the sent folder on my desktop after a hotsync. I also want messages marked read, deleted or filed into folders on my treo to retain that designation on my desktop. It seems versamail is not able to talk to outlook during a hotsync. Therefore, we are forced to refile, delete and mark read on the desktop messages we already took care of on the Treo.

In other words, is there any way to sync the folders on my treo with those on outlook so changes on one are reflected on the other? Again, I am only talking about POP here - I know Exchange Server stuff works differently.