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    I'm having a strange issue with my brand new Treo 650 on Sprint. The power light comes on orange after the phone's been in use for a little while and stays on indefinitely, no matter what combination of resets, phone turn ons/offs, etc. I do.

    The only thing that resets the light back to normal is removing the battery, at which point the phone resumes the stuck orange mode within a day or so.

    I did not have this problem before synching the phone with my Palm Desktop, which carried over my data. (The only apps I see on there from before are Avantgo and Treo Alert Manager).

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance for any help,

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    Did you sync your 650 directly to a prior device userid? This causes the 650 to do many strange and unwonderful things.
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    If so, there are upgrade instructions on the Palm web site.

    The following is my favorite method. (If you have a prior Palm device that is still loaded with all your PIM data.)

    Hard reset the 650
    Sync it to the 650 installed Palm desktop using a new userid.
    Beam all your PIM data to the 650 from your prior device.
    Hot sync the 650, all PIM data will go up to you new userid on the PC.
    Install all third party software from scratch.
    You should be good to go.
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    aargh. yes - I did. I did install the updated desktop figuring that would be enough (one *would* think that, no?).

    unfortanately, I traded my prevoius device (600) in for a measly $50 (it was starting to seriously age, and as my third 600 I knew what that would inevitably mean).

    I guess I'll have to swing over to the palm site and see how to a cleaner install, though it sounds like I might be too late.

    is it possible to 'downgrade' the sync? e.g. if I found another palm device could I install its desktop, sync it with my user, and then do the beam trick? that's awfully complicated, but at some point may be worth it. especially if there's other bad behaviors I can expect (I did have some weirdness getting online sometimes as well).

    thanks for your help!

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    Hi dasist !!

    You are still okay.

    Hard reset your 650
    rename the backupfolder on the PC to backupold
    (Programs>Palm/Handspring?>600olduserid>backup . . . . . . to backup old)
    now sync the 650 to your old 600 userid
    you should have all your PIM data on board the 650 but no 3rd party apps.
    (PIM=appointments, tasks, memos and contacts)
    Install desired 3rd party apps fresh to the Treo 650 (look for updated versions of each to load)

    You should be good to go. (It's the 3rd party apps with their built in Treo600 installed settings that are brought forward with a direct hotsync that messes with the 650.)

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Many many thanks, Perry.

    I meant to do this months ago (in September!!) when I read this but never got around to it. My Treo finally died (seems to happen every few months - finally got a hard case...we'll see what that does) and when I got the replacement from Sprint I followed your advice.

    Thanks for your help...


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