Hello all,

This is my first post but I always visit the site at least once a day. Really informative stuff!

Anyways I got a problem with my treo 650's ability to play .arm ringtones. It used to work fine but now all of a sudden it stopped.

Other than this the sound recording utility also stopped working as in no wav file is created when I push 'record'. When shooting video with the camera utility also there's no sound played back. I know my speakers are all good because I can play downloaded video files in .3gp format on the TCMP player.

My guess is I'm missing a file or something? Recently I've been trying out a couple of launcher applications including zlauncher, initiate, ispin, launcherX etc. and nothing worked well for me so I've removed them all. Other than that I only installed Kmaps and volumecare. I tried removing volumecare but it doesn't help.

Any suggestions will be much appreciated.