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    This is a question from a Treocentral member received offline. I thought I would post it here for others to reference. Original discussion edited for content:

    Hi TomTom Support. I hope you don't mind me contacting you, but I have
    been unable to find answers on the TreoCentral discussion board and the
    TomTom website only seems to take support questions from registered
    users, (not prospective buyers).

    1 I am getting the impression from these threads that, if I were to use
    BT Navigator with my Treo 650, I would be unable to use my BT headset
    due to the inability of the Treo to keep in contact with more than one
    BT device at a time. Is this right?

    2 Though various vendors, including TreoCentral, are offering a wired
    version of Navigator 5 for the Treo 650, TomTom's website doesn't
    include any Palm devices on the compatibility list fo the wired Nav 5.
    Why is that? And which is right?
    To answer your questions, yes. It is correct that Bluetooth is limited
    to one communication at a time. It's simply a limitation of the
    technology - which is, I believe, bandwidth related.

    The Tungsten 3 is the only palm device that can be used with the wired
    GPS version of our product. You must use a cradle that we provide for
    that device, however. We will be happy to supply that to you.

    As I say, I have a Treo 650, not a Tungsten, so it seems I must either
    without Navigator or drive illegally (when my phone rings).

    I've just become baffled by the fact that so many vendors are offering,
    specifically, "wired Navigator 5 for the Treo 650".

    Is it the type of GPS unit that's at issue, ie is another option to buy
    different make of wired GPS unit and then get TTN software separately?
    Exactly. I was just letting you know that the only Palm product that
    works with wired GPS is the T3... not the Treo.

    If anyone is offering incompatible product pairings, it's a mistake by
    them.. that's why we have our website, to let people know what we've
    tested and approved for compatibility.

    As stated before, the inability of Bluetooth to handle multiple
    connections is simply a limitation of the technology itself... it has
    nothing to do with the capabilities of the software or the GPS receiver.
    The only way to change that would be to change Bluetooth technology
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    Actually, I am using the TomTom Navigator 5 software on my Treo 650 with an i. Trek S1 mouse GPS connected via a cable that connects to the bottom of the Treo 650. It works fine for me. It's a serial cable.

    I had this GPS when I was using it and Mapopolis on my Treo 600. Back them there was no option other than using a GPS with a serial cable. After I got the Treo 650, I found that there was a Bluetooth car charger cable that the GPS could connect to. The Bluetooth functionality was in the housing that plugs into the cigarette lighter. I was pretty impressed at getting bluetooth functionality for only $40 more. Overall it worked really well, but sometimes the Bluetooth connection would take too long to get established. It was getting a little annoying.

    Then a few weeks ago I purchased the PDA cable for the S1 for $16 and its been working great. Better yet, I was able to use the Bluetooth connection for my headset for when I received calls while I was in the TomTom software.

    Overall, I think the Treo 650, TomTom Navigator 5 and a serial GPS makes the best sense. Personally, I don't like the extra wires hanging around the dash. But it is far more practical. Using the serial adapter for the GPS, I am able to keep the 650 charged at all times, because the serial cable provides power for both the GPS and the 650. Plus, I never need to worry about whether a Bluetooth GPS unit's battery is charged.

    The only thing I lose is the portability of a battery powered Bluetooth GPS. While that is a nice feature, I can't honestly say that I see myself walking around too much with a GPS receiver in my pocket and my Treo in hand. I'm a pretty big geek to begin with, but that might be pushing it.

    All of the GPS equipment I own I purchased at I highly recommend them.
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