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    Does anyone know how to get Versamail 3.0C (Treo 650) to check multiple email accounts whenever you "hit" the "get" button? It's a bother to have to switch to each email account and check the mail one-by-one. I have two accounts.
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    Ditto for me, it' one at a time AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK.
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    I agree there isn't a way to do in Versamail, but here are three less than perfect work-arounds.

    If you can forward your accounts to a single address, you would be able sync that address and get all of your mail in one account (probably would cause other problems with responding though).

    You could use Autosync to have Versamail get both accounts on a regular basis. I found that you should stager the start times of when you want Versamail to connect otherwise, one of the accounts will not sync since the other one will already be connected.

    Lastly, I believe some of the other Treo email apps - chatter or snapper do this, don't know if it's worth (or possible) switching.

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