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    Good Afternoon!

    I've been a Palm user for quite some time, and use my Tungsten C very heavily at work, primarily because of the Wi-Fi capabilities. I purchased a Cingular Treo 650 back in January to be a communication device to consolidate both text messaging/paging functions with voice/cell.

    Lately, I've begun to have problems with the HotSync not recognizing the Treo. But, it will synchronize with the Tungsten C just fine. If I do a hard reset, the system recognizes the Treo, loads the drivers and does the initial HotSync. But, when I try to repeat the process, the HotSync dialog box doesn't even come up at all. The behavior can be repeated both on my Windows 98 PC at home, and my Windows 2000 laptop at work.

    What's odd is that the two systems used to co-exist with each other's synchronizations for at least six months. Then, something updated somewhere, and I haven't been able to pin down the problem. I thought it might be a Windows 98 thing, but the process happened at work just now. I've scanned Palm's help sites to no avail. So, before I pay to call tech support, I thought I'd ask around a little bit.

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Different or same userid for both devices?

    If the same, I'm amazed you got it to work for this long. Of course, I only consider myself a tech level 1, but I am assuming you need two different userids to keep these two from stepping on each other.

    If you do have two different userids. It sounds like something has gotten crossed. Wait for others to chime in, but I would uninstall both desktops and reinstall the C desktop first and then the 650's second to see if you can eliminate whatever is crossed. I have my 650 and a Tungsten T and two Zires going on my home PC -- but all with different userids. (WinXP Media Edition)

    Cheers, Perry.
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    The devices have always had different user ID's from the start. I'm quickly finding out on other boards about the seemingly poor co-existence that has started cropping up with the Treo and other palm devices. I've finally gotten the ROM-update done for the Treo on my work PC running Windows 2000, but I literally had to uninstall every palm-related bit of software and just install the Treo-related pieces to get the thing to HotSync properly. I believe I stumbled onto a discussion like this over at Brighthand, and palm (as usual) first disavows any knowledge of the problem and then says that the Treo synchronization is incompatible on the same PC as their other hardware.

    My only solution is going to have to have my work PC support my Tungsten and have the home PC support the Treo.

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    hehe, I sold my C so I could get my Treo. Problem solved.
    Treo 650 (Sprint)
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    Trust me, I had initially thought that the Treo 650 was going to be my convergence device. But, the Wi-Fi functionality and data transfer rates were far superior than trying to do it through the cell phone. I'm doing electronic prescribing at the point of care, and don't have a lot of time to waste while waiting for data connections.

    Also, there is a piece of reference software called epocrates that I use pretty heavily as well. But, I had to keep it on the Tungsten C because it demands that all 16 Mb of it's reference files be loaded into the primary RAM. And, they have no plans to ever use distributed memory. So, I run around my clinic looking like a digital warrior with two PDA holsters!!


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    SprintPCS Treo 650 (me) and Tungsten C (wife) co-existing just fine here. Both devices have differant user ID's and neither one of us have experienced any problems.
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