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    Frequently when I load up AvantGo, even after syncing it via the cradle, it displays a login screen. So I re-enter my password (username is already there) and it goes through the entire sync process again only to finish and return me to the login screen. I've got the password Assigned and saved so I'm not sure what the problem is. The only way I've found to rectify this frequent problem is to completely reinstall AvantGo. After an install everything will work fine for a short while before suddenly asking me to login and then never letting me view my channels.

    Can anyone help?
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    Go to this page on the Avantgo website:

    Clear the channel cache and cookies and re-synch. I don't think I have to clear the authentication info, but if the above doesn't work try that too.
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    On the desktop app, go into the server preferences and tell it to resync everything. This should fix the problem.
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    i submitted a somewhat strident complaint about this maddening behavior to AvantGo, and fwiw their response was "The problem that you are seeing is a current bug within our product that we are working on. We hope to have a resolution shortly."

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